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Spyros Bros PRESS KIT - World's Highest Rated Diabolo Entertainers


            SPYROS BROS  is an original & unique Diabolo (Chinese Yoyo) duo act performing complex tricks by combining the elements of juggling, dance, choreography, music, acrobatics, illusions, magic, danger,  LED lights, fire &  multimedia graphics projection all weaved in a theme or story line.  They've been performing professionally and amazing audiences for the last 10 years. They are currently performing for the NBA & NCAA Basketball Halftime shows like the Lakers, Warriors, & the Bucks. They've recently performed at the NBA All-star  CELEBRITY game & the NBA ALL-STAR game. They also appeared at the NCAA PAC 12 tournament in Vegas, PKI tournament in Portland and the NCAA Women's Finals in Dallas. The brothers, Marco and Marc Betito, were born and raised in New York City to Filipino parents.

             At 8 years old, Marco was diagnosed with a Delayed Language Disability and was placed in special education. Because of this condition, he was bullied in school and suffered severe depression. In order to cope, he discovered the diabolo and found his joy and passion playing it. It became his redemption. He taught the Diabolo to his younger brother, Marc,  and created the first Diabolo Club at Bayside High School, NY. This experience motivated Marco and his brother to take the Anti-Bullying and Anti-Drug issue as their ADVOCACY.

            In 2012, they returned to the Philippines to learn more about their heritage and pursue higher education. Marco graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) at the Adventist University of the Philippines. Marc with a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering (BS ECE). While in college, they performed and conducted seminars on anti-bullying in schools and became ambassadors for the SAD-free movement (anti-smoking, anti-alcohol, anti-drugs). They continue to perform Charity Events for kids with cancer, kids living in orphanages and animal welfare societies.

             In 2020 they were semifinalists for America's Got Talent Season 15. Their performance received a rousing standing ovation from the audience and the judges, including Simon Cowell.  They also performed in the live judge's audition in Asia's Got Talent season 2 and were guest performers at the Pilipinas Got Talent.

            They're  one  of  the  best  young entertainers today  in  the  Philippines having  won  not  1 but 2 very  popular   National   Talent Competitions. In 2013, Spyros Bros became the youngest Hall of Famers and Grand Champion of Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide, a national talent competition and a multi- awarded TV talent show in the Philippines. They bested 6 other Hall of Famers and were also awarded with the  Texter’s  Choice award for gettting the most number of text votes.   
           They  are  also  the   First   Grand Champion of It's Showtime's PINASikat, ABS-CBN very popular noon time talent show in 2015.  They beat out  all  the 15 grand finalists from different parts of the Philippines to become the first-ever national grand champion of the talent segment, which ran for five months. The talent competition judges in both Grand Finals are left in awe & all gave standing ovations .

              The  SPYROS BROS  have appeared on various  popular TV shows on the major television channels in the Philippines. They've trained and coached celebrities, actors and actresses using the diabolo. In 2018, they were invited by the government of Taiwan to promote tourism through diabolo and also train school kids. They've also performed for the Asia Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) in 2018.              


             The Spyros Bros not only continues to spread the joy of the Diabolo but also to use their story to inspire the youth - to find their talent, work hard to overcome their limitations & follow their dream. As members of the youth, the Spyros Bros feel a responsibility to help build a brighter and better future for all. While they hope to popularize the Diabolo with the kids around the world, they're also using their talent to educate people on the negative effects of bullying on children and its consequent social and drug problem. As Diabolo entertainers, they hope to prevent bullying and stop drugs in our society through education and awareness.

Offering jaw-dropping Diabolo tricks with LEDs & fire, motion graphics projection
and incredible choreography for events globally, the SPYROS BROS
has the ability to entertain any audience in any environment.

• NBA Halftime shows • Sports events • Private Events • Corporate Banquets • Tradeshows • Colleges & Universities • Stage Shows • Brand Promotion & Marketing •


   Grand Champion

 Talentadong Pinoy



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